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Frost Technologies Enters 5 Year Agreement with Fort Wayne

Updated: Aug 8, 2021

Frost Control Systems Announces 5-Year Agreement with City of Fort Wayne for Road Weather Information System (RWIS) Network to Monitor Real Time Road Conditions

  • Frost Control Systems (FCS) will provide RWIS sensors and software to the City of Fort Wayne to monitor winter road conditions

  • The initiative supports Fort Wayne’s efforts to increase safety, reduce salt usage, and improve operational efficiency

  • 22 RWIS IoT sensor network monitoring city roadways is believed to be the largest RWIS installation for a single city in North America

South Bend, Indiana – January 3, 2020 - Frost Control Systems (FCS) has announced a new deployment of Mini RWIS in Fort Wayne, Indiana. The sensors provide real time insights on road conditions that can be used to improve the way roads are treated during the winter months.

Frost Control Systems (FCS) is a South Bend, IN based manufacturer and service provider of fixed Road Weather Information Systems. FCS’ signature product, the MINI RWIS, is a non-invasive IoT sensor that captures various environmental conditions, including surface temperature, at each location.

“We met with the Fort Wayne Public Works Department several times, taking the time to build a relationship and understand their needs. We are proud to support a local community that is leveraging our technology to enhance their operations and improve public roadway safety,” said Patrick Baglien, Frost Control Systems’ Vice President of Sales & Marketing. “Fort Wayne, by leveraging this IoT technology, is an example of a real smart city, right here in Indiana.”

Shan Gunawardena, Fort Wayne’s Public Works Director, added “At Fort Wayne Public Works, our goal is primarily to improve operational efficiencies by adopting new technologies in all aspects of our operations. This would be a prime example of how IoT applications will allow us to manage our operations better by being more timely, reduce material costs, minimize impacts to the environment and make better decisions on improving public safety.”

Brad Tener, CEO and Founder at Frost Control Systems, said of the Fort Wayne partnership, “We’re excited to see such a huge step forward being taken by the City of Fort Wayne. Most modern deicing techniques have seen tremendous improvements to road safety and salt use, but they rely on knowing the exact temperature of the road. Some areas of the city are much colder than others — often as much as 10-15°F. So adopting these techniques has always been extremely difficult without real time information coming in. Now that we have the system deployed, there’s quite a bit we can do to help make the roads safer while using less salt in the process. It’s a win-win for everyone.”

When considering how the locations for the sensor-network were selected, Gunawardena said, “We used to have a supervisor drive around critical areas of the city to monitor road temperatures and ambient conditions in advance of a pending weather event. The areas were selected based on what the supervisor would typically drive. By getting this information real time at our fingertips makes the decision-making process more efficient.”

About Frost Control Systems

Frost Control Systems is a South Bend, Indiana-based manufacturer and service provider of fixed Road Weather Information Systems (RWIS). We manufacture, install, and maintain non-invasive, non-contact IoT sensors and pair them with industry leading software. Our data-driven insights and alerts enable communities to create safer roadways, enhance operational efficiencies and mitigate environmental decay from the overuse of road salt. Visit www.frostcontrolsys.com for more information or visit our LinkedIn or Twitter page.

Source: Frost Control Systems, Inc

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