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Eyes where you need them most.

Snowy road by night

Monitor the condition of surfaces from anywhere with the Frost Mini RWIS.

Get real-time weather alerts including infrared pavement temperature, dew point, and much more.

“Last winter when we used Frost devices, we estimated ~400 fewer auto accidents and 12 fewer deaths because we got smarter about laying salt and plowing where it was needed the most.”

Why it Matters

Easy, all-in annual pricing.

​Your all-inclusive price covers:

  • Cellular connectivity

  • Sensor and image data

  • Air and surface temperature projections

  • Hardware break-fix + maintenance

  • Over-the-air software updates

  • Unlimited user accounts

  • API access

  • Data sharing between communities

Let's talk about how Frost can work for you.

Trusted in 26 states and 2 Canadian provinces.

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