Road Weather Information

In the Palm of Your Hand

Cities are dealing with a difficult and dynamic set of circumstances during the winter months. Safety, environmental and economic issues must be balanced to please multiple stakeholders. In the face of ever-changing weather trends, cities are pressed to ensure there is little to no economic disruption for local businesses, maintain clear roadways for busses, first responders and citizens while maximizing operational efficiencies and cost savings.  It’s no small task.  Frost Control Systems aims to support these issues and add value through our cutting edge hardware and software.


South Bend

Start-Up Focusing on Winter Road Treatment


A University of Notre Dame graduate is currently testing new technology aimed at helping cities more efficiently use salt to deal with snow and ice.

No Slippery

Slope for Frost Control Systems


 Frost Control Systems, uses a network of sensors to gauge the temperature of streets and relay that information to city’s Public Works officials.

Smart Deicing

on Wintery Roads


Winter weather often spells havoc for road conditions. One recent Notre Dame graduate has plans to use sensors to make road treatment and de-icing smarter.


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